Operational Excellence

We equip companies to work smarter and grow faster through our top-rated Lean & Six Sigma training and Operational Excellence deployment programs.


We are specialists in training people how to apply the Lean and Six sigma tools to solve real business problems and achieve operational excellence (OE). Lean is about eliminating waste. Six Sigma is about reducing defects.

What makes us different is that we use your business problem to help you learn. It’s one thing to teach, however, the learning starts when you apply it. We make the Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, and Design Thinking tools relatable to you.



Collaboration is how we work with our clients. Through collaboration we achieve results faster, with deeper buy-in and greater sustainability. We carefully leverage suitable improvement methodologies that are aligned with our clients’ unique situations.

Together, this ensures the most collaborative and streamlined path to build a common language, approach, and toolkit for business excellence.



Our Impact.

We have been helping businesses to improve their processes, products, service and quality levels through facilitating and coaching Lean Six Sigma projects since 2009.

Not all companies need the complete Lean Six Sigma toolbox. Our edge is to apply and implement relevant approach of the methodology to great effects for our clients. Far from adding additional ‘Red Tape’, we can help simplify processes and free up internal resources by removing unnecessary steps.




By reducing errors, simplifying processes and streamlining delivery, one of our clients in the health insurance sector was able to do more with less. This resulted in happier customers and more engaged staff members.




Using data-driven Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, one of our banking clients was able to deliver services more quickly and to a higher standard when waste and rework were removed from a credit approval process.




Cutting waste and variation made the customer on-boarding processes more efficient for one of our energy utilities clients, saving costs while improving the customer experience. The Lean Six Sigma training & follow-up project yielded 237% ROI in the first 6 months.


All of these changes can improve productivity and increase the available people resource to the businesses, paving the way for them to invest in opportunities that will generate growth.



Our Methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma is recognised as the world’s best-practice methodology for continuous improvement. By adopting a structured, data-driven approach, Lean Six Sigma allows practitioners to isolate root causes within given business processes in order to systematically develop and implement solutions to improve product quality and customer experience, reduce waste and costs.

We run regular in-company and public courses and certification programs in:



Put waste elimination in the hands of people through a proven set of steps and tools.

Lean Six Sigma

Transform individuals and teams into structured problem solvers with this data-driven methodology.


Change Management

Enable individuals to be effective managers of change and maximise the effectiveness and financial returns of business improvement projects.

Operational Excellence

Shift the team focus to a holistic view of organisational performance to produce the most effective and responsive improvements.


“I was told the course would be boring… but it was NOT! Well done and thanks.” 

Maintenance Superintendent / AGL Energy

“Great course - well presented, good pace and plenty of examples to put the theory into context.Lots to think about & apply!”

Senior Program Manager / Infosys

“ Facilitated well and specific to the business & role which made the course very enjoyable.”

Supplier Quality Manager / Rolls-Royce

“ The practical simulations were great in reinforcing the theory.”

Improvement Specialist / BUPA

“ It was a very informative, practical course which not only gave me the theory but also provided me with the knowledge of how to apply it in a practical way.”

APAC South Improvement Director / Carlton & United Brewreries



Our Team.

Our trainers have many years of experience as practitioners in their field of expertise - before joining our team as trainers, coaches and consultants.

We share a common set of values that guide our thinking and the way we engage with our clients.

Our team supports an Australian and international client base across Asia Pacific. We have the capability to deliver programs in a range of languages including Mandarin, Japanese and Vietnamese.


Our Happy Customers.

Some of the incredible organisations we work with to build their capabilities in Lean & Six Sigma, and to realise their Operational Excellence objectives.



Get started with us is simple.

OE Methods offers a variety of courses in a delivery option that is right for you.

All of our courses are experiential. This means you won’t be passively sitting in a classroom; you’ll be actively interacting with our trainers and other participants, experiencing live simulations and engaging in hands-on activities.

And we always ensure that you can readily apply what you learn back at your workplace.



Lean Practitioner training covers the essential tools in the Lean Methodology required to create value streams where work can flow without unnecessary interruption.



Yellow Belt training covers the basics of the Lean Six Sigma methodology required to conduct small improvement projects, or to support larger projects as a part of a team.



Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification is a must-have for those who want to lead improvement projects or solve problems in their workplace.



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification covers in-depth all the tools and skills required to lead enterprise improvement programs.