Cancellations or Variations.

  • All cancellations or variations to course bookings must be received in writing.


Half or One-Day Courses.

  • 7 or more working days’ notice: Full refund.

  • Less than 7 working days’ notice: The full cost of the course will be charged.


Courses Running 2 or More Days.

  • A minimum of 14 working days’ notice is required for a course cancellation to result in a full refund.

  • 14 or more working days’ notice: Full refund.

  • Between 7 and 13 working days’ notice: 50% of the course fees.

  • Less than 7 working days: Full cost of the course will be charged.


In-House or Tailored Courses.

  • In-house or tailored course fee structure and cancellation policies (if any) are outlined in the relevant organisational proposal.


Cancellation by OE Methods.

  • OE Methods reserves the right to cancel any course if insufficient registrations are received. Should this occur, those who are registered will be notified and their course fees refunded in full.

  • OE Methods will not be held liable for any claims arising from course cancellation.



  • Transfer of a booking can be made up to 3 working days prior to the commencement of the course without incurring costs. Once a transfer has been made, any further transfers will be at the discretion of OE Methods Administration Manager or delegated team member.

  • 3 or more working days’ notice: No charge.

  • Less than 3 working days’ notice: 10% of the course fees will be charged.



  • An alternate person may be substituted prior to the commencement of a course, at no additional cost.



  • If a participant fails to turn up to a class, no refund will be payable. Participants need to be aware that leaving a voicemail message on a OE Methods answering service outside of business hours where the course is held on the day before the course is not accepted as a notification of cancellation.

  • If a participant is sick on the day of their course and can support this with a medical certificate, they will be transferred to an alternate date at no charge but must be available to complete this training within 6 months of the original course date. If the participant has failed to attend due to any other reason no refund will be payable, however, a course transfer may be granted at the discretion of the OE Methods Administration Manager or delegated team member.


“Not Yet Competent”.

  • Participants who are deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ after an assessment are not eligible for a refund. Depending on the course, participants may be able to re-sit the course or assessment at no charge. This will be determined at the discretion of the OE Methods Administration Manager or delegated team member.


Exceptional Circumstances.

  • OE Methods aims to be flexible and accommodating with all procedures and recognises that in some cases there are exceptional circumstances in which a charge may not be incurred. This discretion applies to cancellations, transfers and non-attendance, as listed above. Exceptional circumstances could include severe illness or injury, death in the family, natural disaster or financial hardship.


Unacceptable Behaviour.

  • OE Methods reserves the right to counsel and in extreme circumstances refuse any person from continuing the course if they display inappropriate or disruptive behaviour.

  • OE Methods personnel will in the initial instance advise the individual of the inappropriate behaviour which could include but is not limited to disruptive individuals, anyone displaying a reluctance to participate or anyone attempting to encourage other participants into obstructive behaviour. If following such counselling, the individual continues their disruptive behaviour; they will be formally warned. If after this such behaviour continues, they shall be asked to leave the course.

  • If an individual is abusive, appears under the influence of banned substances or threatens other students or OE Methods personnel they will be removed from the course and may be asked to leave the premises.

  • For a person booked onto a course by a company, the company will be contacted and advised of a participant is asked to leave a class and the reason for the action.