Lean Agile Scrum Master training gives you the skills and confidence you need to lead teams through project executions much more quickly while also meeting business objectives.

Training Level



2 Days





OE Methods’ Lean Agile Scrum Master training is a top-rated training and certification that gives you all the tools and skills to deliver more in less time by excelling your Agile program with Lean.

Unlike traditional Agile courses that focus heavily on software development, our unique course prepares you to lead a wide variety of projects or process executions across a spectrum of industries. In fact, we specifically emphasise the use of Agile methods in non-software development applications such as managing sales & marketing processes and handling complaint lifecycles. You’ll learn to streamline your workflow by combining the artefacts of Agile methods with the tools of Lean.

Participants not only learn the Scrum Master role, but also the roles of the product owner and the delivery team. You learn how to run a successful Lean Agile team and all its roles, and how to lead multiple teams working concurrently on a project or a process. Further, through hands-on simulations, we will complete the full Lean Agile cycle, practically applying the knowledge learned about Lean Agile and leading Lean Agile teams.

Taught by experienced Lean Agile Scrum Masters and professional instructors, who are also Lean Masters and Six Sigma Master Black Belts, this course differs from other Agile methodology courses because of its focus on the non-traditional domains of Agile applications.



Lean Agile Scrum Master Certification is provided through our partnership with the Australian Society for Quality (RTO ID 22526). Certification is awarded to participants who successfully complete:

  1. Coursework

  2. AuSQ Lean Agile Scrum Master knowledge assessment



Anyone desiring the skills to lead team with the Lean Agile methods.

Learning Objectives.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate Lean Agile development methodologies into an existing Lean/continuous improvement framework, project and process functions.

  • Develop user stories that describe customer requirements.

  • Conduct release planning and sprint planning using user stories and estimating techniques.

  • Manage sprint daily progress using such Lean Agile artifacts as the stand-up meeting.

  • Demonstrate the current status of the project through the use of such artifacts as the kanban board, burn-up and burn-down charts.

  • Manage a Lean Agile team through a sprint - from requirements gathering through showcases.



  • Integration of Agile and Lean

  • Lean Agile Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Levels of planning

  • Process analysis - end-to-end value stream map

  • Project definition


  • Kanban and Scrum

  • User story development

  • Estimation

  • Release planning

  • Sprint planning

  • Daily planning

  • Showcases and deployment

Exclusive Benefits.

  • Every course is taught by an experienced Lean Agile Scrum Master instructor with real world knowledge and extensive project experience

  • The instructor provides support and project consultation throughout the class

  • Professional quality, laser printed student manuals and quick reference guides

  • Online learning portal access for up to 12 months after training 

  • Valuable data files and templates that can be used for certification projects and other projects in the future

  • Useful Project Charter examples

  • On-site coaching and/or remote support by email/phone are offered at a special rate for all participating students