Minitab Jumpstart workshop offers a hands-on approach to teaching relevant statistical principles and using Minitab to solve complex and challenging problems.

Training Level



2 Days



OE Methods’ Minitab Jumpstart workshop offers an ideal introduction to leverage Minitab software for general statistical analysis in improvement projects. This training will focus on the foundation to intermediate level features of Minitab – showing how to enter & manipulate data to produce graphs & perform common statistical analysis. The course only assumes a basic understanding of statistics & statistical analysis.

In this intensive course, we concentrate on the real-world features of key statistical apparatuses such as Control Charts, Capability Analysis, Regression Analysis, and ANOVA without focusing on theory.  

Minitab Jumpstart provides a hands-on, experiential approach to learning relevant statistical principles and tools. Topics covered include non-normal data, measurement system analysis, logistic regression, design of experiments (DOE) and more. We encourage participants to provide real world scenarios or actual data before class starts to provide a more effective discussion.

Designed for practicing Green Belts and Black Belts, this course builds confidence in the use of statistics and Minitab. After taking the Minitab Jumpstart course, participants are equipped with powerful tools to take deeper dives and get more problems solved.

With an applied focus, Minitab Jumpstart is an interactive course that goes beyond instructor lectures to include exercises and simulation using realistic data sets.



Green Belts or Black Belts who want to improve their data analysis skillsets.

Learning Objectives.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enter and manipulate data to produce graphs and perform statistical analysis techniques. 

  • Familiar with software usage and gain insights to more complex techniques. 

  • Apply a number of statistical tools and techniques to solve difficult problems.

  • Analyse non-normal data to drive decision making.

  • Perform advanced regression analyses.

  • Investigate scenarios for the application of designed experiments (DOE). 



  • What is Minitab?

  • Getting familiar with Minitab

  • Data Entry and Operation

  • Worksheet Manipulation

  • Data Importing


  • Pareto Charts

  • Dot Plots

  • Histograms

  • Boxplots

  • Scatter Plots

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Normality Plots

  • Simple Control Charting

  • Process Capability Analysis


  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Correlation and Regression

  • Multi-Variation Analysis

  • Multiple Regression

  • T-tests and Confidence Intervals

  • ANOVA Apparatuses and Methods

Exclusive Benefits.

  • Every course is taught by a Master Black Belt instructor with real world knowledge and extensive project experience

  • The Master Black Belt provides support and project consultation throughout the class

  • Professional quality, laser printed student manuals and quick reference guides

  • Online learning portal access for up to 6 months after training 

  • Valuable data files and templates that can be used for projects in the future

  • On-site coaching and/or remote support by email/phone are offered at a special rate for all participating students