Train-the-trainer for Lean Six Sigma course grows your training skillsets and boost your confidence to be the best instructor for Lean Six Sigma you can be.

Training Level



3 Days



OE Methods’ Train-the-Trainer for Lean Six Sigma is an intensive skill-building experience that teaches Black Belts and Master Black Belts how to become better instructors, presenters, mentors and coaches for Lean Six Sigma. You learn the practices, behaviors and tools you need to improve audience participation, buy-in, comprehension, retention and application.

This course teaches you how to plan and organise materials for various levels of Lean Six Sigma training. You’ll be exposed to a variety of experiential learning principles that you can use to increase your teaching effectiveness. And you’ll understand the specifics of the adult learning cycle and cater for different learning styles.

Apart from the specific focus on delivering Lean Six Sigma training, another unique aspect of our course is its dedication to developing and practicing your own voice, or delivery style. Participants practice delivery and apply the knowledge and techniques learned. Participants will also assess each other’s delivery style and offer feedback for continuous refinement.

Facilitated by Master Black Belt-level instructors with years of Lean Six Sigma training experience, this course uses a blend of theory and practical exercises to ensure that participants have the confidence and capability to deliver effective Lean Six Sigma training.



Black Belts or Master Black Belts who want to improve their Lean Six Sigma training delivery.

Learning Objectives.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and organise learning activities to support and reinforce new learning, build on strengths and identify areas for further development in Lean Six Sigma.

  • Describe the adult learning cycle.

  • Identify and teach to the four learning styles.

  • Apply experiential learning principles to make facilitating/training more engaging and effective.

  • Compare hierarchical (lecture), co-operative (activities) and autonomous (reflection) training modes.

  • Identify behaviors that contribute to confident presentations/facilitations.

  • Effectively deal with difficult audience/team members.

  • Develop effective visual aids.



  • Adult Learning Principles

  • Developing a Training Roadmap

  • Developing High Impact Training

  • Planning and Preparing Lean Six Sigma Training


  • Facilitation Interventions

  • Facilitation Kit

  • Developing Visual Aids


  • Assessment and Feedback

  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

  • Training Practices

Exclusive Benefits.

  • Every course is taught by a Master Black Belt instructor with extensive training experience in all levels of Lean Six Sigma training

  • Professional quality, laser printed student manuals and quick reference guides

  • Online learning portal access for up to 12 months after training 

  • Video recording of training practices

  • On-site coaching and/or remote support by email/phone are offered at a special rate for all participating students